Candles are definitely the main characters when it comes to home décor. They are the first to welcome and surround us with refreshing notes that rejuvenate our senses and as well as to play a vital role in tying a room’s details together.

Finding the best place for candles throughout your home is not only important for the scent experience as you enter the room, but also to compliment the decorations as so many gazes wander to lighted candles first before beginning to take in what’s surrounding them.

Interior designers call luxury scented candles a little industry secret for the perfect room design as they not only decorate a space through scent, but also through their unique packaging and how they can be arranged as candles can characteristically play off other décor unlike anything else.

So, where is the best place for candles in your home?


Living Room

In the living room, it’s best to choose a central area. You cannot go wrong with the classic placement of scented candles on the living room coffee table. It’s a spot that’s aesthetically approved for 24/7 display and also a great choice for the intoxicatingly delicious fragrances to start filling the whole room. Pair a candle together with a marble display tray, small, textured sculptures and matching coasters for a statement centerpiece. 

Living Room

Best candle scent for the living room: Sense of Opulence



When it comes to the kitchen, the best time to light a candle is after cooking. This is a mind-soothing routine to incorporate as it not only helps you distress from all the dishes you have to do, but if you get a luxury, odor-eliminating candle, it will help clear any lingering food smells and completely refresh the kitchen so you can move onto dessert effortlessly. When lit, choose an area so the candle is in the center of where the majority of the dinner smells would be lingering. The kitchen island is a never-fail to get the optimal position. Due to the space on an island, it allows room for tiers at multiple heights to display 3-4 candles which gives complete Beverly Hills kitchen mood.



 Best candle scent for the kitchen: Golden Chandelier



Choosing the right candle and placement in your bedroom is an intimate decision as this room is a true summary of your personality. It is also a place that should represent rest, relaxation and tranquility, whatever that looks like to you. I think we can all agree though that most days this means being swaddled into the comfiest of beds surrounded by the feathery soft feel of fluffy blankets. Which is why we love this "Bespoke" luxury candle and when placed near a mirror with gold and silver accents surrounding, it’ll have you relaxed in no time.


Bedroom Best candle scent for the bedroom: Bespoke


Home Office

Because the home office is an area that we spend hours on end in, opting for a non-toxic candle is really important. Depending on the size of your office, your candle is going to be either directly on your desk or nearby on an alternative table. Adding a candle is a chance to incorporate a display with an invigorating pop of color amid the greys and whites of our works. Plus, did you know that science says that certain candle scents can improve focus and productivity? Make your candle display in the office fun. We love having a couple colorful candies on hand and some playfully designed office supplies.


Home Office Best candle scent for the home office: Timeless Elegance


Outdoor Patio

If you are loving these crisp October mornings, lighting a candle is the perfect way to enjoy the sun rising over the rolling, dewy fields. On a patio allows for a more rustic display but if it’s exposed to the outdoor air, you won’t want it too far away so you don’t miss out on the scent experiences.


Outdoor Patio

 Best candle scent for the outdoor patio: Prestige



It’s a no brainer that an odor-eliminating candle belongs in the bathroom. Choose a fresh scent for this space and have fun with the positioning. Utilizing an aesthetic tray table and displaying with jewelry can give it a beautiful yet useful face.



Best candle scent for the bathroom: Oceanfront Dreamscape


Interior Designers Love Candle Placements

Candles have the power to completely open a room up visually or create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. Position these burning little wonders in the right place in each room and they will always give their best light dancing performance and a luxurious, reviving scent experience.

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