It’s officially cozy season. Whether you get to experience the drew dripped leaves morphing to vivid sunburst hues and mornings filled with Halloween-worthy fog, or you’re just enjoying the sunshine coasts finally a few degrees cooler, a love for the Autumn season is all-around commonly shared.

How to better prepare for the festivities (cup of cider and cinnamon sugar donut in hand) that are about to come can be found on almost all TikTok and Instagram Reel feeds. We can’t tell you how many viral decoration trends that have been saved over here…

One of the absolute top ways that you can really set the 2022 spooky-season mood are with these 3 best Fall candles.

We personally selected the ultimate comfy approved fragrances here at The Worthington Collection that are perfect for any chilly night as they will warm your home with non-toxic, odor eliminating, Fall scents all season long.


#1 Golden Chandelier by The Worthington Collection– The best candle for fall if you love the finer things in life

Great Gatsby fine dinner party meets Emma Woodhouse’s delicate garden. Think the finest china, the most gorgeous centerpieces, lush flowers, and not a detail has been overlooked. With Golden Chandelier, you’ll be swooning over the rich, velvety scents of jasmine as geranium fills the air, complemented by the woodsy scent of rosemary, lavender, and musk. 

It’s the ultimate candle for Fall if you’re the kind of person who loves having the poshest dinner spread and then finishing the evening off with wine and a classic Halloween movie. You’re your own guest of honor with this fan-favorite candle.  Plus, it’s non-toxic and odor eliminating. What’s not to love here?


Golden Chandelier luxury odor eliminating candle.  

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More about Golden Chandelier

First Impression: Rosemary, Lavender, Basil 

At the Heart: Geranium, Violet, Jasmine, Ylang

Lasting Memory: Tonka Bean, Vanilla Musk, Amber, Warm Woods

Size: 12oz-up to 80h burn time


#2 Bespoke by The Worthington Collection– A Fall favorite candle if you love rainy days in bed

Bespoke candle transports you to New York City and books you the most lavish room with the best view at the Ritz-Carlton. Light this refreshing candle and be prepared to become completely enveloped in scents that feel like you’re falling into the comfiest, most luxurious bed of your life. 

It’s the best candle for fall if you’re in the mood to cuddle up close with endless amounts of feathery soft fluffy blankets, hot cider, caramel apples, and watch the rain fall over Central Park. As velvety scents of suede and white musk calm your senses, pure notes of lavender and sandalwood create a soothing, relaxed atmosphere. Reinvigorate in the clean, fresh fragrance of birch and bergamot as Bespoke works to clear any unwanted smells from the air with its non-toxic, odor eliminating technology.


Bespoke luxury candle from The Worthington Collection.  

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More About Bespoke

First Impression: Lavender, Sandalwood  

At the Heart: Birch, Bergamot

Lasting Memory: Citrus, White Musk, Suede

Size: 12oz-up to 80h burn time


#3 Private Chef by The Worthington Collection – A candle you must have for Fall 2022 if you love buttercream

Imagine taking a walk through the streets of Paris on a crisp early morning. You pass by a charming little bakery and immediately the rich scents of vanilla, butter cream, and caramelized sugar travel the air to meet you. It’s almost as if they were making these irresistible treats for you alone.

The Private Chef candle is a combination of the cozy warmth of fresh baked sweets and the feeling of floating on a fluffy cloud during a daydream about flaky, buttery goodness. With notes of sweet orange, almond, berry, and heliotrope freshen the air, you’re guaranteed to be in the mood to start creating all of those adorable Halloween themed sweet treats that you know your friends are dying to have you make so they can try. 


Private Chef luxury candle by The Worthington Collection.


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More about Private Chef

First Impression: Sweet Orange, Almond Extract, Butter Cream

At the Heart: Wild Berry, Heliotrope

Lasting Memory: Vanilla, Caramelized Sugar

            Size: 12oz-up to 80h burn time


What Fall scented candles are you going to try?

You can’t go wrong with any of these scents. They’re all the best candles for Fall, whichever one you pick.

Golden Chandelier, Bespoke, Private Chef, all by us here at The Worthington Collection promises a candle experience to set the perfect Halloween time mood and at the same time, clear the air of unpleasant odors from first burn to last light.

Our clean philosophy brings you candles that are safe for you and your family. As earning your trust is everything to us, we’ll always be transparent about our ingredients. Candles become a part of the air you breathe, so your well-being will always be our top priority.


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