You’re not alone if you feel (almost) too busy to read this article as what seems like an endless amount of work or homework piles up and those 2022 goals that you wrote down stay unchecked.  


With the multitude of lifestyle changes that we’ve all been dealing with, it’s very easy to lose focus on the most important tasks and opt for something a little more… fun.


Workout? We’ll do that tomorrow. Netflix anyone?


Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. Although we are saving time by eliminating our commute, with the shift to virtual work and online learning, also comes a major shift in our schedule. Such a dramatic change often throws us off course as our beloved routine that “normally” got us up and out of bed in the morning has been kicked to the curb. 


However, we really just need a brain nudge in the direction of what we really (deep down) want to do. Get into the right mindset and the body will follow. Though ever so slight, this mental push can be just enough to become the catalyst that will get us to change into our workout gear, finish that report we’ve been procrastinating on, start on that business idea we were dreaming of years ago, or maybe even learn about NFTs.


In this article, we’re going to talk about some surprising ways we can improve our focus and productivity – through our sense of smell. Though not always the first on our mind when it comes to getting things done, your sense of smell has a very direct and powerful influence on our everyday lives both psychologically and physiologically. 



The smell receptors in our noses communicate with the same parts of the brain where memories are stored and where emotions are overseen. When we don’t let our vision or negative thoughts try to override our sense of smell and we just breathe in the moment, it is the strongest of the senses as it is the only one that's directly connected to the brain. This connection is what impacts reactions in our bodies and is why when we breathe in certain scents, it can instantly elevate our moods getting us in our intended mindset.


Move aside coffee… Your new morning pick-me-up is here


Okay, we don’t really mean that. But just in case you’re out of coffee or don’t have time for a Starbucks run, this scent will have you at peak productivity.


Meet, Lemon! We love it for its irresistible fresh and bright characteristics, but Lemon is so much more! According to OSU, Lemon raises our brain's chemical levels of norepinephrine which in turn has a fascinating effect on our concentration, decision making, and accuracy. In a study, Lemon beat out very popular scents for its anti-stress effects. Needless to say, it’s a must-have for many things. 


When it comes to all things lemony, our personal go-to is the Prestige candle by The Worthington Collection. If a Lemon could be luxury, it would have to be this ever so juicy candle. Light it first thing in the morning and you’ll start your day invigorated and ready to take on any challenge. Not to mention, Lemon encourages a positive, joyful mood. Warning… you might find yourself wanting to take it with you to work so getting a second one for the office might call for a bundle.


For when you need extra special inspiration for a long-overdue brainstorming session


The call for creativity is when we need our brains the most. There’s a special scent that truly embodies the phrase “spark of creativity” and it’s the most sensual of fragrances – Jasmine. Transporting us to a euphoria-like state in both mind and body, Jasmine brings a wave of creative confidence, unlike any other scent. 


Our must-have Jasmine fragrance is found in the Sense of Opulence candle also by The Worthington Collection as the Jasmine is sourced without any chemicals or toxins. Clean burning and odor eliminating, this candle will clear any distractions in the air and have you ready for anything.


Focus on your 2022 resolutions 


To really focus on what means most to us, it sometimes involves pushing aside insecurities. Lavender, the scent known for its calming properties is what we lean on when exploring new paths and changes in our lifestyle. Nothing less than an essential in our lives (there’s a reason it’s so popular), Lavender cannot be beaten when it comes to aiding us when we feel anxious about new beginnings or ideas.


This ever-so-soft flower is our main supporter as it encourages us while we’re working and clears our heads. Escape into your own personal Lavender haven with the Serene Retreat luxury candle. Once you smell it, you won’t be seen without it lit.  


Serene Retreat Luxury Candle


De-stress and concentrate on your goals  


You might have used Rosemary while cooking something delicious, but did you know it encourages feelings of contentment? It’s been shown that Rosemary has positive effects on our mood as it reduces cortisol levels – this is what we need for ultimate de-stressing so we can focus. High cortisol levels are caused by stress, anxiety or any thought that puts our bodies in "fight-or-flight" mode.


Rosemary receives its name from the Latin term “Dew of the Sea” and it also has stimulating, soothing, and pain-relieving properties. It’s an almost magical scent and it’s perfectly infused into the Golden Chandelier luxury candle.


There’s one more scent that falls into this category and it’s the beloved, hard to mistake fragrance of Vanilla. Wherever you go for health or beauty items, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll run into multiple products that are Vanilla scented. There are a few big reasons this scent is so popular! Vanilla has a number of amazing uses including its antioxidant nature and how it reduces negative thoughts. One of our favorite abilities of Vanilla is how it can lift our mood. When you’re in the need to escape and create an atmosphere of clarity, grab the exhilarating Oceanfront Dreamscape candle and turn any room into the perfect ambiance for making your vision board a reality.


The Surprising Science of Scents


Science tells us there’s a place for clean, non-toxic scents in every office, home, school, and workplace. Our noses have millions of sensory neurons that have effects on our minds and moods in many different ways. With so many of us now working from home, we now the ability to customize and optimize our environment, allowing new ways to maximize our creativity, focus, and productivity.


With some of the most effective scents readily accessible in the most beautiful candle combinations, it’s becoming more and more common to use the transformative power of fragrance as an effective productivity hack.


Scents. It’s science.

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