We all crave that perfect reaction of excitement when it comes to the gifts we choose and with a few extra moments of consideration, your recipient is about to get their next favorite gift of all time.

A candle can make for the most perfect present especially for those on our holiday shopping list who already have it all. There is just something about these little luxuries – they are a true treasure when found all gorgeously wrapped under the tree. Even Forbes has said that candles make the ultimate gifts, no matter the time of year.

If you’re looking to elevate your gift giving this Christmas through candles, we compiled the top scent expert tips on how to pick the best candle scent for everyone on your shopping list.


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Do your investigating and aim to evoke an experience for your friends.

Scent has the nothing less than magical ability to sweep us off our feet and transport us to another place or time. Choosing a candle scent as a gift should be an intimate decision. There should be thought behind it based on who it’s going to – just as much as if you were to purchase perfume.


In what rooms do they already burn candles?

If you’ve been to their house, have you noticed them burning candles before? If yes, do you remember where? Choosing a candle based on where the candles are placed in the home helps the first few steps of narrowing down the best scent. The top locations are living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, and office. Even if you’ve never paid a visit, this is a good place to start. For example, choose a fresh candle scent for the bathroom. If you know your friends work from home, the home office is an area that they spend hours on end in, so opt for a rejuvenating luxury non-toxic candle so there is no need to sacrifice beauty for uplifting functionality. If they love to bake, a mouthwatering buttercream candle scent, obviously.


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What colors do they wear?

Head on over to your friend’s Instagram page and get inspired. What we love to wear can reflect on the types of scents we love the most as well. See if you notice a pattern in their clothing tastes on their social media. Is it warm and comforting, cool and natural, bright and bold, soft and sweet? This is the next step in helping you choose the perfect candle to give as a gift.


What style of décor do they prefer?

A luxury candle can complement and enhance any space. Interior designers call luxury scented candleslittle industry secret for the perfect room design. Selecting a candle scent as a gift that matches your recipient’s personal decorating style shows true thoughtfulness – you’ve taken the extra time to consider how the scent will fit into their personal little place in the world. You can do this a few different ways – of course if you’ve been to their house but also by finding their Pinterest boards. If they’re in a temporary apartment and can’t take advantage of interior designing it to their dream space, find out what that dream would look like.


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What perfume do they wear?

If your friend is a perfume lover, this is the best way to pick out a candle scent as a gift. Try to narrow it down by fresh, floral, sweet, woody, or clean. If you know what they wear, look it up online and see what the main notes are comprised of.


Are they an early-bird or night owl?

If you know that your future gift recipient is always up early hitting the gym or wanting to miss the morning rush on a popular hike so they’re on their way before the sun even comes up, they most likely are going to love something invigorating to get their morning going. A clean or fresh candle scent would be a great choice for them. Our tip: citrus candles are usually always an early bird’s favorite.

For our evening lovers who enjoy winding down after dinner with a post-dessert glass of wine, choosing an odor eliminating candle is going to set their evening up for delicious peacefulness. These kinds of people tend to love to cook and the need to get rid of any lingering dinner smells is a must for a truly relaxing evening. Go for a woody candle scent as a gift here.


Woody scented candle Golden Chandelier


Where did they go on their last vacation?

Have they recently gone on a trip they just can’t stop raving about or are they wanting to plan the ultimate getaway soon? Candle scents are often categorized by mountains, desert, beach, or big city. When you’re close, it’s pretty easy to know which friends wouldn’t be caught dead in the woods in a tent and which ones avoid big city traffic at all costs. Our city lovers are all about floral candle scents while our die-hard campers, you guessed it, woody scents all day.


Take a candle scent finder quiz and let it do the work for you.

Pinpointing the perfect luxury candle for gifting and actually getting is right might seem a little daunting – but that’s where we come in. We’ve made is easy to find the best candle to give as a gift with our best scent finder quiz.

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