Did you ever wish there was a candle that made odors disappear, not just cover them up?

I sure did!
Hi, I'm Sarah, the founder of The Worthington Collection.

I cook A LOT. And I got tired of candles only mixing and masking with strong odors, rather than clearing the air. So with no experience, I began my candle making journey. My mission: to create a better candle and that's where my clear-the-air candle journey began.....

I wanted to make candles that smell special, like something you couldn’t just find in any big box store. I want you to be wowed when you burn a Worthington Collection candle. 

After many late nights of research and formulating, mixing up candles (and tossing out a ton!) I finally landed on a candle that not only smells fantastic but clears the air of lingering smells! 

You deserve to enjoy deep breaths of beauty… and soak in the comfort of your home, odor-free. 

Whether it's from cooking or pet smells or smoke or anything else, experience a candle that clears the air while filling your home with luxurious notes. 

Savor clean fragrance knowing it’s safe for you & your family.

As a mom, I’m constantly watching what I bring into my home. That’s why it was top priority to make sure that every part of my candle was non-toxic and safe for everyone. I chose to use a custom apricot and coconut wax blend paired with cotton wicks for a smooth burn. We only use fragrances that are certified safe and free of toxic chemicals and harsh ingredients.

It’s really important to me that the candles you receive from us not only smell amazing, but are clean burning. After all, no one buys a candle to get a headache!

Meet Sarah

Mom. Project Manager. Cook. Candlemaker.

Sarah might not know when she sleeps, but she knows candles. Every candle has Sarah’s personal touch to give the quality that she demands from every product she creates. Being a mom, full-time healthcare professional, and company founder doesn’t leave much downtime. Her passion for creating better candles for families to enjoy fuels her fire (see what we did there?) And despite her crazy schedule, she’ll still squeeze in time to marathon Harry Potter whenever the opportunity arises. 

Candles are pretty personal. They hold an honored place in our homes, we choose them for a fragrance that touches us and we literally breathe them in as they burn. Sarah is committed to honoring that intimacy. These are candles made with love, not mass production. She hopes that when you bring one of her candles into your home, you’ll notice the difference and want to come back to be a part of the brand.  

“All my candles are handmade and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You can tell the difference between a candle that was made by a machine and one that is hand poured. There’s a lot of love and patience that goes into each one.”

Sarah Clifford Owen

- Founder, The Worthington Collection

Making Candle Transparency a Thing

Sarah, like the rest of us, doesn’t want to expose herself or her family to harmful chemicals and unknown ingredients. She believes everyone should know what goes into the candles they burn. In that spirit, Sarah is fully transparent and proud of the non-toxic, safe and vegan ingredients she exclusively uses to formulate her candles. Honest products, trust, and transparency — a simply beautiful concept.

“When I create a candle that says it’s odor eliminating and clean, I want you to know that’s exactly what you’re getting. Trust is just everything to me. The heart of my mission is for you to feel comfortable and confident with every candle you buy from me.”