I think we can all agree that a candle can set the mood perfectly when it comes to creating THE dreamiest ambiance on Valentine’s day. In this article we break down how you can set the mood for a Valentine's Day you and your loved one will never forget. Towards the end we include some bonus content if you’re still looking for the perfect gift to indulge your partner in as we’re counting down the days.



We’re putting our own spin on the hot #GRWM TikTok trend… Get Ready with The Worthington Collection this Valentine's Day

While you’re soaking in a luxurious bubble bath preparing for your partner to arrive and drive you to a jazzy night on the town, take in Bespoke’s velvety scents of suede and white musk which calms your senses (which you’ll definitely need if it’s a new romance or you haven’t gone out for a while). Think Valentine’s Day thoughts while aromatic notes of lavender and sandalwood create a soothing, relaxed atmosphere. 

Or maybe for this romantic holiday, you’re playing it safe and going the dinner and fine wine route. We’re 100% here for that. Whether you’re cooking something mouth wateringly savory or ordering in from a local landmark, we have you covered.

Start the evening off with Golden Chandelier – we can picture it now… Total champagne on ice sensations. The table is set, the finest china perfectly arranged, a gorgeous centerpiece overflows with lush fragrances and not a single detail has been overlooked. You’re the guest of honor (obviously) for a Great Gatsby level dinner party. Get whisked away as the rich, velvety scents of jasmine and geranium fill the air, complemented by the woodsy scent of rosemary, lavender, and musk. 


It’s dessert time.

After dinner is complete and the wine is kicking in, you cannot forget about dessert. Think a delicious allure of romance, the intensity of a new infatuation, combined with the rapture of falling in love. How about something Vanilla?

Did you know? Vanilla has a number of amazing uses including its antioxidant nature and how it encourages us to relax. One of our favorite abilities of Vanilla is how it can lift our mood. And that’s backed by science.

Delicious Vanilla dessert and romantic vibes – we’re talking about Private Chef and it’s all things sultry. Think private yacht with your own personal chef. We’re calling this candle our Valentine's special, infused with intoxicating scents, take in the rich goodness of vanilla, butter cream, and caramelized sugar. The cozy warmth of fresh baked sweets (sans extra calories) is now always within reach. Float on a fluffy cloud of buttery goodness as notes of sweet orange, almond, berry, and heliotrope freshen the air.


Ending the perfect evening.

There are two kinds of couples this time of year – the ones living in 3 feet of snow and the ones who have all the sunshine. Whether you’re opting for an evening full of blankets and that movie you’ve been saving for this special evening or on the porch watching the stars, you cannot beat ending the evening with an atmosphere of the sweetest vibes yet. For our sunshine lovers, you’re not going to want to pass on Sense of Opulence – stroll along the meticulous sidewalk gardens of Beverly Hills and bask in the warmth of the sun through the shade of palms as you’re greeted by the blooming of Jasmine all around. Each gorgeous home beckons you in with the inviting fragrances of white peach, mandarin, and hibiscus. A well-appointed patio welcomes, as you breathe in the rich, floral fragrance of freesia. Relax and stay awhile. The stylish candle design gives a total Beverly Hills-type atmosphere too.

If you’re going to be the two at home in the cold, you need Oceanfront Dreamscape. Ready for an exotic beach getaway? Who isn’t? Time to indulge. Transport yourself to a sun-soaked tropical beach overflowing with the crisp, fruity scents of pear, mandarin, and grapefruit. Lush rainforest bouquets surround you with delicate floral aromas. Make any room in your home your own sweet vacation escape.


Can’t decide?

No matter the one you choose you can’t go wrong because they’re all odor eliminating! So, after that dreamy evening of the best food you’ve ever had and the finest wine, you don’t want to wake up the next morning wondering what on earth those lingering smells are. Lingering cooking and leftover food smells are a thing of the past.

 Signature Collection Luxury Candles


Valentine’s Day 2022 Gift Guide

Finding a “wow effect” gift is a daunting task, let’s face it. It takes a lot of thought, time and effort to come up with a perfect gift but now as we’re counting down the days to Valentine’s Day, it’s time to get the gift on its way so we have time for delivery and to wrap it.

Candles are a fantastic option when it comes to the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.  

But not just any old candle. Harsh chemicals, boring containers, cheap wicks – The $24.99 ones off a drug store shelf just won’t cut it if we really want to impress. There’s a new kind of candle that just made every girl’s 2022 wishlist and it’s an odor eliminating, 3-wick luxury candle.

Unique. Beautiful. Useful. We know we already said it was perfect, but does it get any more perfect than that?

With a diverse choice of clean scents from fruity and sweet to floral and musky and everything in between there's literally something for everyone with even the most sensitive of noses as all of The Worthington Collection’s fragrances are certified safe and non-toxic. Not to mention, there isn’t a better way of showing someone you care and love them than getting a candle that’s a mood booster as the scent triggers receptors in the brain are responsible for making us feel positive.

Lastly, we have to mention how candles have the brilliant ability to add more aesthetic elegantly to any space. Ask any interior designer. A luxury candle is a must have to complete a beautiful centerpiece or add to a countertop.


Romantic vibes or THE go-to gift….

It’s safe to say we’re not passing up on luxury candles this Valentine’s day.


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