Candle Ingredients You Should Never (Ever) Inhale

A simple pleasure in life is coming home from work after a stressful day and lighting a candle with scents that make you feel calm and relaxed. Nothing quite evokes feelings of peace and wellbeing like the gentle flicker of a luxury candle flame and the scent of warm, sweet fragrances filling your home.

However, toxic candles found in most all conventional stores will contribute to air pollution inside your home and will put those you love in contact with chemicals they should never be near to. Thinking about a seemingly harmless candle (despite it’s eye catching branding) releasing carcinogenic soot into your home is anything but relaxing.

There has been a great amount of studies over the years on the health effects of burning candles. From the wax to the wick to the fragrance, it has been proven that most standard candles emit a variety of potentially toxic chemicals.

Candles containing toxic components can accumulate pollutants in a confined space, contaminating the air inside your home with particulates that can enter your lungs. When it is in contact with ozone in the air, it forms harmful secondary pollutants like formaldehyde. These chemicals may have a detrimental impact on human health and the environment's air quality.


How Toxic Are Your Candles?

Following your nose isn't enough. There are a few harmful ingredients in candles, which fill your home with toxic chemicals and might affect your health if you inhale for a prolonged period of time.

You might think that these chemicals don't make their way into your bloodstream. Think again. Inhaling scent allows the toxins in the air to enter your lungs and straight to your bloodstream.

Your sigh is frequently heard. Yes, it is discouraging. So often, we spend so much time and energy trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep fit, and eliminate toxins from our homes and bodies, only to discover that something as seemingly harmless as a pretty candle is actually harmful to us.

It's still not too late. Take a look at these candle ingredients to avoid.


Particulate Matter

The process of burning and producing smoke in the air releases particulate matter into the air that can be hazardous and compromise air quality. Candles are no exception.

Depending on what type of candle it is, its particulate matter content may vary.


Lead Wicks

One of the greatest concerns about scented candles on most store shelves is the presence of lead in some wicks. Traditionally, lead was used in candle wicks to ensure that the wick remained upright as it burned. Thankfully, most candle manufacturers have removed lead from their wicks following the discovery of lead's health hazards, although some continue to use it. Opt for a cotton wick that’s free of any other synthetic materials.


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds are accountable for the characteristic scent of candles. You may wonder what is VOC? VOCs are chemical compounds that contain hazardous compounds such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Candles emit a variety of organic compounds into the atmosphere, which results in airborne levels of VOCs that exceed acceptable levels.

VOCs can have varying effects on health depending on their concentration in the environment and the level of exposure. In mild cases, these chemicals can cause irritation and allergic reactions, while in severe cases, they can cause injury to vital organs, including the liver, kidney, and central nervous system.


Synthetic Fragrances/Dyes.

There are thousands of chemicals present in candles that have not been tested for safety. Formaldehyde and petroleum distillates are just a few of the substances that can lead to headaches, dizziness, allergies, and asthma attacks.

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Cotton Wicks

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Clean Burn

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