A luxury candle is much more than just a beautiful centerpiece – it holds the power to completely elevate the mood and transform any space with velvety or juicy scents. However, most odor eliminating candles on the market in 2021 only mask lingering odors creating a total conflict and mixed scents of unpleasantry. If a candle is specifically marketed that they “eliminate air odors”, they’re usually filled with harsh fragrance chemicals that can cause intense headaches and allergies. We’ve compiled the top benefits of luxury candles that not only burn clean but truly eliminate odors and what are the best ones to buy in 2021.


 The 4 benefits of luxury odor eliminating candles


  1. They are useful in every home, in every room.

We can’t smell our own home even though every one of them has its own unique smell. When choosing the best luxury candle that will eliminate odors, they should always be highly fragranced. This will allow the delicious scents to reach every corner of the room, wiping out any unwanted or long unnoticed scents. 

Science of Us spoke to Pamela Dalton, a cognitive psychologist at Monell Chemical Senses Center, who has been studying this area off and on for more than two decades. “It’s actually a very robust phenomenon,” she says. “It’s why people go on vacation and come back and say, ‘Oh, it’s so musty in here — I’d better open some windows!’”  Maybe your house is musty — but according to Dalton, it’s also possible that that’s what your house always smells like, but you just don’t usually notice it.

No more mustiness! Transform any room in your house into a quaint patisserie and take in rich vanilla, butter cream, and caramelized sugar or be transported to a grand porch complete with opulent rocking chairs, wicker swings, and breathtaking views. Either way, there’s a highly fragranced luxury candle made for your Instagram-worthy aesthetic here.


  1. Lingering cooking smells are a thing of the past.

Have you ever walked into your kitchen after an evening of cooking, dining and wine and the immediate thought of “What is THAT smell?!” comes to mind? Especially if your apartment is vintage and doesn’t have an exhaust fan. Don’t worry. You can still safely say goodbye to the aftermath of bacon, fish, and cauliflower. Though these may be nothing less than mouthwatering when dinner is on the stove, not so much later that night or even worse, the next morning. A high-quality candle is like magic as it is specifically designed to get rid of cooking smells so you can enjoy a fresher home. Cook your favorite foods until your heart’s content as your kitchen is filled with exclusive odor eliminating formulas that act as if your air is being purified.


  1. Pet smells? What pet smells?

Did you know that most pet owners don’t notice underlying pet smells? Even some of the bad ones. Over time, our beloved 4-legged friends have odors that only our guests can smell. We just love Fluffy that much, but really, it’s science and how we adapt to smells is consistently being studied. While most dogs and cats are undeniably proud of their (sometimes offensive) scents, your house guests… not so much. We love puppy breath and are 100% animal lovers (vegan and cruelty-free candle products are a must), but it’s important that the luxury candle is crafted with high-quality odor neutralizers like the ones from The Worthington Collection. These special ingredients are non-toxic and destroys malodors at their molecular level rather than simply covering them up even if our nose receptors are “switched off”. 


  1. They burn clean.

There are hidden harsh chemicals that cause health dangers crafted into your favorite candles, even within name brand “top tier” candles. Despite being some of the most popular candles on the market, they constantly lead to a number of problems including headaches, dizziness and allergy symptoms.

The Worthington Collection features candles that are safe, burn clean, and non-toxic. Each handcrafted candle is cruelty free and never contains phthalates, parabens, toxins or sulfates.


The Best Luxury Candles That Eliminate Odors


Sense of Opulence

Stroll along the meticulous sidewalk gardens of Beverly Hills and bask in the warmth of the California sun through the shade of palms as you’re greeted by the blooming of Jasmine all around. Each gorgeous home beckons you in with the inviting fragrances of white peach, mandarin, and hibiscus. A well-appointed patio welcomes, as you breathe in the rich, floral fragrance of freesia. Relax and stay awhile. 

Sense Of Opulence Luxury Candle


Timeless Elegance

Crisp, clean, citrusy and luxuriously floral, beauty is all in finding a balance. Each of the fragrances is enjoyable on their own, but have you ever experienced that moment when a few different elements combine to make pure magic? Yep, that’s what we did here.

Timeless Elegance odor removing candle



Swaddle into the comfiest of beds surrounded by the feathery soft feel of fluffy blankets. Velvety scents of suede and white musk calm your senses, while aromatic notes of lavender and sandalwood create a soothing, relaxed atmosphere. Reinvigorate in the clean, fresh fragrance of birch and bergamot.

 Bespoke luxury candle


Oceanfront Dreamscape

Ready for an exotic beach getaway? Transport yourself to a sun-soaked tropical beach overflowing with the crisp, fruity scents of pear, mandarin, and grapefruit. Lush rainforest bouquets surround you with delicate floral aromas. Make any room in your home your own personal vacation escape.

Oceanfront Dreamscape scented candle


More About the Brand

Beautiful fragrances that elevate. Candles that clear the air. The Worthington Collection is non-toxic, hand poured and solves the problem of stubborn odors that other 2021 luxury scented candles fail to.

These candles were designed to remove even the most intense odors from any room in the home and are produced using only the finest, toxin free ingredients inclusive of a proprietary odor eliminating formula. 

The Wax: A custom blend of apricot and coconut waxes are used to create a smooth burn, providing the perfect canvas for our fragrance combinations.

The Wick: The cotton wicks are expertly placed to provide a gentle burn. Free of toxins and synthetic materials, each wick is hand-cut.

The Fragrance: Every fragrance is certified safe and non-toxic creating an amazing scent experience in every luxury candle.


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