When you purchase a candle, especially a beautifully packaged one, at the end of its burn life you might find yourself staring at the luxurious container not wanting to part with it.

“But do I really need another shelf sitter that serves no purpose?” You might ask yourself. Well, yes, because you can if you want! We’re all about gorgeously placed shelf displays. But today, we’re here to break down some really easy ways to clean out a used candle jar and beautiful, creative ideas on how you can repurpose them, giving them a new and (very) useful life.


How to Clean Out a Candle Jar

Skip reading this step and watch this Reel by The Worthington Collection for a quick rundown of a tried-and-true candle wax removal method that works every time.

Once your candle has burned and you’ve gotten to the bottom of the jar, boil water, add a little bit of dish soap and fill the jar. Let it sit for a few hours. The wax will all float to the top and can be removed easily. Any remaining wax can be used in a wax warmer – score! Carefully remove the disks at the bottom of the jar, handwash with a little more dish soap, warm water, and dry.

Let the creativity begin!



Ideas for Reusing and Repurposing Candle Jars

Flower Vase

Did your mom do this? I would always see my mom use adorable little candle jars repurposed as vases – they were filled with the most beautiful wildflowers (that I picked for her of course). If the main vase is filled with vivid, scarlet, hot house roses from dad, mom will definitely need to have a second vase on hand just in case her little ones pick her something special from the garden. 

 Repurpose your candle jar as a flower vase


Cosmetic Holder

Because can a girl ever have too many organization options?! This is probably our favorite idea because we’re repurposing The Worthington Collection’s jars. These breathtaking jars, after hours upon hours of delicious burn time, will transform your space with accents you won’t ever find on a store-bought container (or candle jar). 


Pet Treat Holder

It can be really, really hard to find a cute pet treat holder that will seamlessly go with our aesthetic. A luxury candle holder is the perfect option! 


New and Improved Piggy Bank

If you have a teen that is obsessing over TikTok bedroom trends or you simply need a place for spare change, luxury candle jars check the boxes for either of those options. 


Organize Your Desk Supplies

With the major increase of people working from home, an organized and beautiful desk space is one of the things that studies prove can increase our focus and productivity. Messy places bother us on a subconscious level, even if you don’t think it does. Candle jars can provide instant organization and while it’s being incredibly useful, it’s being so very pretty and can heighten any space.


Candy Jar

Candle jars make the perfect candy holder especially if you save the lid! For a Pinterest worthy moment, turn images of your favorite candy bar labels into a sticker and place it on the side of the candle jar.


Up the Ambiance of a Nightlight

Your kids will love this and so will your dog if you’re always finding them sleeping in the most inconvenient spots and tripping over them at night. Once the candle has been cleaned and it’s ready for its next job, invest in some battery operated tealights or coiled rolls of fairy lights and you’ll have a safe yet stunning nightlight! If you live in a dry area and aren’t advised to bring candles outside, this idea could also double as mood lighting when you’re outdoors on the patio. 


Table Decoration 

Putting together the perfect centerpiece can be much more challenging than you’d think. Candle jars are the up and coming Pinterest trend and one we 10/10 support. 


Jewelry Gift Packaging

We all love and are here for an amazing gift packaging moment. What could be better than that little, but greatly meaningful gift wrapped up in exquisite glass and gold? Say goodbye to boring old gift bags. They’re a thing of the past now! If you bought some jewelry and the box it came in is just not cutting it at all, get a jewelry box insert (foam ring holder), cut to size, double up if thickness is needed, and you have the jewelry box of a lifetime! 


Hot Chocolate Gift

Okay, THIS might be our favorite. For the person that has everything, or as the last gift needed to make everything perfect, make a DIY hot chocolate gift by including some cocoa powder, mini marshmallows, candy cane pieces, and a little gold spoon too for something extra. This is guaranteed to be the talk of the party. 



We hoped you enjoyed our guide on how to clean out your candles flawlessly and one of these ideas made you go “Yes!” There are so many amazing options when it comes to reusing candle jars so have fun, get creative, and enjoy your new home décor!